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Real header bidding

Header bidding is a highly advanced programmatic advertising system which allows to carry out the bidding in real time and in various SSP therefore causing multiple sources and competition positively influence the prices.

All of the largest SSP in the world

Even though google Adexchange and AdSense give access to a large group of advertisers they are not the only source of acquiring them. Working with us, publisher gains access to all of the largest SSP in the world.

Premium Ad partners

Apart from income increase the effect of ad networks competition has higher quality of displayed ads, and in the case of longer cooperation special access to Premium Ad partners from the whole world can be avaliable.

Tool expansion

If the publisher already has Google AdSense account in the case of longer cooperation we can help with our USA Partners to get personalised Google Adexchange account expansions. Which gives many more possibilities to each publisher and it is a perfect base for all advertisement systems and direct sale.

No risk of income loss

Caring for the comfort of our publisher we put in special focus that no income loss will take place. Therefore we recommend to begin our cooperation from 25% of traffic. The effect of this sale is compared each day with the original source of monetizing ads.

Implementation techniques

Implementation of advertisements is not a complicated process and it’s target is to minimize the load on the website. So there is no possibility to affect the speed at which the website works. We possess many techniques of implementing our units, for example by the use of CloudFlare which is the most comfortable solution available at the moment. There is also a possibility of emitting the ads with the use of integrating IP servers.

Flexible ad grids

You don’t have to place a stiff advertisement grid on your website anymore. With the help of our tool we can place any placeholders where the publisher allows and the maximum amount which can appear at one moment. Our system adjusts the type and format of the unit to the user and also the most optimal units for each visitor. This results in the unique grid for each visit according to the preferences. This will make the viewer more interested in the changing content.

Machine Learning

Fully automatized machine learning process allows us to gain information about the most profitable solutions such as the size, amount, placements, frequency of refreshing, or even the colour of ads for every user. All this informations allows us to increase the income generated by the visiting users without the need of „attacking” them with oversized ads formats which could have a negative effect.